www.dcnetworks.org - District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance

The District Of Columbia website for workforce can be found at www.dcnetworks.org. On this website, it caters to both the job seekers and employers. You can find a job and view jobs in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria,DC-BA-MD-WV metro area. I found the service to be quite useful as it list the job title and most importantly and the salary of the job offered. However, the number of jobs offered is quite limited at the time of checking.

To claim unemployment benefits, you should click "File for Benefits" for first time. If you already have filed for an initial benefit, you should just login to your account to file your weekly claims or review your account. The website also has an unemployment insurance alerts warning filers that it is unnecessary to pay a fee for filing unemployment claims. There are a number of websites that charges money for filing unemployment claims and although some are legitimate, it is unnecessary as unemployed workers can just file directly on www.dcnetworks.org. Furthermore, filing on other website involves disclosing social security number to third party which may carry an identity theft risk.

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