www.employflorida.com - Employ Florida Workplace

www.employflorida.com is a job marketplace for the state of California. It is Florida's official portal to a job matching services for employers and job seeking workers. For employers, they can find a candidate who have registered through the website. Employers can also register open jobs in the system. On the job seekers side, they can create a resume through the marketplace. This resume will then be available to any employers searching for suitable candidates. The job seeker of Florida can also find a job through the system. There is actually a online career resource that can be accessed via silver.employflorida.com which allows the user to search around a specific radius of a zipcode.

So if you are a job seeker in Florida, go on to www.employflorida.com and if you find that part of the site for job seeking is not working, try silver.employflorida.com

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www.FluidNow.com claim your weeks

www.FluidNow.com will redirect you to the official website www.floridajobs.org. The website is the agency for workforce innovation for the state of Florida. Like most unemployment programs, the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation Unemployment compensation program requires workers claiming benefits to also be conducting a job search. This job search is done on another website call www.employflorida.com.

For workers in Florida, you can walk through the ABCs of filing a claim. The first step to go through is to determine if you qualify. You should be an active job seeker and have lost your job through no fault of your own. Then, you should also be ready to accept a job offer and meet a certain wage requirement.

To file for unemployment claim online, you need to click on "File for Unemployment" button and follow the directions. Once you have filed, you should receive a confirmation number. When approved, the first check should arrive in 3-4 weeks.

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www.dcnetworks.org - District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance

The District Of Columbia website for workforce can be found at www.dcnetworks.org. On this website, it caters to both the job seekers and employers. You can find a job and view jobs in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria,DC-BA-MD-WV metro area. I found the service to be quite useful as it list the job title and most importantly and the salary of the job offered. However, the number of jobs offered is quite limited at the time of checking.

To claim unemployment benefits, you should click "File for Benefits" for first time. If you already have filed for an initial benefit, you should just login to your account to file your weekly claims or review your account. The website also has an unemployment insurance alerts warning filers that it is unnecessary to pay a fee for filing unemployment claims. There are a number of websites that charges money for filing unemployment claims and although some are legitimate, it is unnecessary as unemployed workers can just file directly on www.dcnetworks.org. Furthermore, filing on other website involves disclosing social security number to third party which may carry an identity theft risk.

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www.DelawareWorks.com - Delaware Unemployment Benefits

www.DelawareWorks.com is the official website for the Department of Labor of the first state Delaware. Delaware Department of Labor prides itself as having state of the art technology as well as a highly trained customer service oriented staff.

Unemployment insurance claim for Delaware can be found here. There is a claimant handbook in PDF format that you should read. To file your initial unemployment insurance benefits, you should go here. This is where the initial claims has to be filed. IF you are uncomfortable with filing your claims online, you can go to the information hotline at 1-800-794-3032. However, the hotline is not for new or reopened claim. The hotline is for the claim of weekly unemployment insurance benefit check for Delaware.

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www.coloradoworkforce.com - Colorado Unemployment Office

www.ColoradoWorkforce.com is the website for the Department of Labor and Employment in the State of Colorado. For jobs seekers, you can register for work or file unemployment benefits. When the national unemployment rate is 9.9%, Colorado unemployment rate is about 8.0%. The 2010 minimum wage is about $7.24/hour and $4.22/hour for tipped employees.

To file for a new unemployment benefits claim in Colorado, you need to file your claim over the Internet at https://wwws.coworkforce.com/UIIC/default.asp?ci=0&ps=0&er=0&li=e

The minimum requirements to receive Colorado unemployment benefits are as follows:

Minimum requirements to receive unemployment benefits from Colorado:

* You must have earned at least $2,500 during the period 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2009.
* You must be unemployed through NO FAULT of your own.
* You must be physically ABLE to work.
* You must be AVAILABLE to immediately go to work.
* You must be actively SEEKING work and you must be documenting your work search.

You should note that the application can take as long as 30 minutes and so you should be prepared to spend that time.

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www.servicecanada.gc.ca Online Forms and Services

www.ServiceCanada.gc.ca is the website for Service Canada whose slogan is "People serving people". The online service provided is quite comprehensive and you can apply for Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension here, employment insurance benefits and disability benefits for veterans. On this website, you can access its various online forms and services.

For employment insurance benefits, it is divided into regular benefits, maternity benefits, sickness, fishing benefits and compassionate care benefits. Fishing benefits is quite unique in Canada as it distinguished a fisherman who is self employed and engaged in fishing. In Canada, the birth mother or surrogte mother can get up to 15 weeks of maternity benefits if they have worked for 600 hours in the last 52 weeks. Documentation and proof of pregnancy is required. Parental benefits can be as much as 35 weeks. To access all these great benefits, proceed to www.ServiceCanada.gc.ca

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www.edd.ca.gov - California Unemployment Benefits

www.edd.ca.gov is the Employment Development Department of the State of California. It provides several online services for both workers and employers in the State of California. It provides unemployment, disability,job, training, payroll taxes as well as labor market information.

At www.edd.ca.gov Unemployment , you can file a claim for both unemployment and disability insurance. Even thought the State Disability Trust Fund can total more than $1B, the system is under strain due to the high level of unemployment and disability benefits that needs to be issued.

For new claimant, here are some information:
In order to file a claim, you can access the online services via eApply4UI or contact EDD by telephone. Mailing is another option though it will take quite some time for processing. Best thing to do if you are filing for a claim is head on to eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov. You should also try to understand the benefit amount you are entitled to based on when you first contact EDD.

For claimants who have filed before:
You should continue forward through eapply4ui after you check that you understood the instructions.

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