www.servicecanada.gc.ca Online Forms and Services

www.ServiceCanada.gc.ca is the website for Service Canada whose slogan is "People serving people". The online service provided is quite comprehensive and you can apply for Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension here, employment insurance benefits and disability benefits for veterans. On this website, you can access its various online forms and services.

For employment insurance benefits, it is divided into regular benefits, maternity benefits, sickness, fishing benefits and compassionate care benefits. Fishing benefits is quite unique in Canada as it distinguished a fisherman who is self employed and engaged in fishing. In Canada, the birth mother or surrogte mother can get up to 15 weeks of maternity benefits if they have worked for 600 hours in the last 52 weeks. Documentation and proof of pregnancy is required. Parental benefits can be as much as 35 weeks. To access all these great benefits, proceed to www.ServiceCanada.gc.ca

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