www.edd.ca.gov - California Unemployment Benefits

www.edd.ca.gov is the Employment Development Department of the State of California. It provides several online services for both workers and employers in the State of California. It provides unemployment, disability,job, training, payroll taxes as well as labor market information.

At www.edd.ca.gov Unemployment , you can file a claim for both unemployment and disability insurance. Even thought the State Disability Trust Fund can total more than $1B, the system is under strain due to the high level of unemployment and disability benefits that needs to be issued.

For new claimant, here are some information:
In order to file a claim, you can access the online services via eApply4UI or contact EDD by telephone. Mailing is another option though it will take quite some time for processing. Best thing to do if you are filing for a claim is head on to eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov. You should also try to understand the benefit amount you are entitled to based on when you first contact EDD.

For claimants who have filed before:
You should continue forward through eapply4ui after you check that you understood the instructions.

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