www.Azui.com Weekly Claim of Arizona

www.Azui.com is the website for the Arizona Department of Economic Security that provides people living in Arizona with Child and Family support, disabilities, unemployed and senior citizens.

www.Azui.com is well organized with a listed online services that allows someone who is unemployed in Arizona to file for unemployment insurance benefits as well as federal emergency compensation. On this website, you can also view unemployment information and access Azui Weekly Claims here if you have already filed for your first unemployment claim. On the website, you can file weekly claim, view claim information, view unemployment benefits and also reset your pin. When you file your weekly claim, you need to enter your social security number to proceed. If you have no record of your social security number in the database, it may be because you have missed filing for one week at which point your social security number is deleted from the database. As long as you are unemployed, you need to file every week and should file between Sunday 12:01am and Friday 6pm all in Mountain Standard Time. You should note that the phone system and online services will not be available whenever there is a state holiday.

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